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No matter what the size of your business or organisation, we design and build effective, user-friendly websites that help our clients grow, boost sales, make a difference and make money. From do-it-yourself WordPress sites that you can update and manage from anywhere to fully managed dynamic database-driven sites that do all kinds of fancy-pants stuff.

These days, though, the word ‘website’ really doesn’t cover the multiplicity of ways you and your customers might want to use the web. So, as our Creative Director Sean O’Keeffe puts it, ‘When we’re asked to design a website, the first thing we ask is “what exactly is it for?”. That may seem like asking the obvious but it isn’t.

There’s a world of difference between websites that are essentially online brochures and those that actively sell stuff; between a site that’s only viewable on a PC and one that’s optimised for every device going from smartphones to tablets, and games consoles too.

Now, if you’re a serious tech-head, you hardly need us to tell you that. So feel free to skip this next bit and go straight for the nitty gritty about Hosting, SEO, Ecommerce and so on.

Still reading?

Here are a few things you might want to bear in mind…

Responsive sites

It’s worth pointing out here that what we tech-heads call responsive sites are no longer just for the high end user and provider. This year smartphones are expected to account for 83% of all internet usage – so pretty much everyone’s going to need a website that knows how to behave itself on different devices. Of course that can make the design and development process more complex and therefore costly – but our guys are very good at keeping the design simple and uncluttered to optimise its appearance and functionality wherever it’s viewed and used.

CMS (Content Management System)

We find more and more of our clients are keen to have CMS because it makes updates and changes to the text content so quick and easy. You can rewrite, edit and delete your website copy as and when you like without the hassle and expense of getting us to do it.
It’s also very healthy for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), because there’s nothing Google and co like to ignore more than stagnant sites that never change. We’ll get your CMS set up and running and teach you and your team how to use it effectively to keep your website lively, active and attractive.


WordPress is our CMS of choice, it’s the fastest-growing platform for both web design and blogging, now used by nearly a quarter of all websites. An open source software that can be used with all major operating systems, WordPress was launched in 2003, initially as a blogging tool, but it’s come a long way since then.
Clients love it too as it enables them to change and update their website, without having to go through the web designer, making it a cost-effective option for any company on a tight budget.

Got all that?

We hope none of the above sounds too daunting. We like to think we’re pretty good at putting even the most mystifying technical jargon into human terms, so why not get in touch so we can start asking what your website’s really for.

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