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DID YOU KNOW that on an average day 6,000 logos will pass across our field of vision?

That’s a lot of competition – so your logo needs to work very hard to get noticed and remembered. We love this bit of the job, because it’s not just a question of creating something lovely (although it definitely will be!) – the challenge is to develop a logo and/or a brand that’ll evolve with your business as it grows.

There are lots of design companies and individual designers who lump logo design, identity and brand development together as if they’re all the same thing. We’re here to say quite emphatically that this isn’t the case.

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Logo vs Brand – What’s the difference?

Briefly, your Brand is the way your business as a whole is perceived on an emotional level. Your Identity, on the other hand, is various visual components of the brand… which should add up to much more than the sum their parts.
So what’s the Logo?
Basically it’s your identifying mark or icon – just one building block in your wider brand. It’s not supposed to explain your business… But it is supposed to mark you out in a striking, simple and memorable way.
And it should be the cornerstone on which your brand is built.

So you’ll probably be wanting a rather good one. Well, you’ve come to the right place.


Of course, we’re more than happy to design a stand-alone logo for you without getting into all the fancy marketing talk that inevitably comes up once you get into brand development proper.

That’s a much less costly exercise than the creation of an all-singing, all-dancing brand identity – but the great advantage of having us create your logo is not just that it’ll be great (and it will be). It’s also that it’ll be eminently developable.

OK – you might not have the budget right now to get into all that branding stuff, but we’ll create something that’s ready to build on when you are. In short, it’ll have legs.


Your brand’s identity need to be unique – a distinctive personality that your customers and associates want to get to know and be friends with. It needs to run through every detail of everything you do like ‘Brighton’ through a stick of seaside rock. From the palette of colours to the fonts we choose and the ‘tone of voice’ of everything that’s written about you and – yes – your logo too…

In an ideal world that’ll be one we’ve created for you with later evolution in mind – but we’re just as happy transforming pre-existing elements into a strikingly cogent whole or, for that matter conjuring up the entire thing from nothing at all.

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We’re friendly, straight talking and love creating great brands.

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