Our Aim

The way we do things

Although you’ll rarely see the old cut-and-paste scalpel in evidence here, the ID:10 studio really is at the sharp end. Not only in our acute approach to digital design, but also in our genius for blending traditional talents with the very latest interactive applications.

The way we see things

We put much, much more into your projects than our time and talents. What really makes us unique is the way we immerse ourselves in your business and make your goals our own. That piece of web or print design work we create will be a thing of beauty in itself – but it’ll also be underpinned by sound, well-considered business and marketing strategy and simply great, exciting and compelling ideas.

The Dream Team

The right skills, right when you need them

With a hugely talented and fully employed core creative team, augmented by an equally talented pool of specialist freelance skills, we’re not big. But we are clever – as you’ll see from the brief individual resumés below.

In our experience, clients quite understandably don’t want to be saddled with the cost of specialist skillsets that aren’t needed for their particular brief. But they’re more than happy to pay a fair price for startling, attention grabbing creativity when it’s pertinent to the project.

So that’s exactly what happens – a inspired lightness of touch that enables us to come up with big ideas and great results without weighing you down with unnecessary overheads.


Global Reach

From London and Liverpool to Los Angeles and Tokyo our client base is genuinely global…

Spencer Fung Architects
Cymba Integrated Solutions (London)
Rowleys London (London/Tokyo)
Slate Digital (Los Angeles)
The Hedgehogshop (London)
Vivek Singh (London)
Circus (Liverpool)
Eiosis Software (Paris)
OnHand Booking (Dublin)
Goldie (Worldwide)

Local Touch

But it’s also equally local in focus and our many clients in our beloved Hertford enjoy the very same international, ‘big picture’ approach.

UK Data Cabling
Lea Valley Colour
The Herts Shutter Company
E-Docs UK
TechCentral Systems
Discovering DNA
Mission 4 Recruitment
Number One Port Hill

Introducing The ID:10 Team

Work with us and you’ll be talking with some of these guys on a daily basis – so here’s a brief introduction to them and their multitude of talents (just in case they’re too modest to tell you all about them in person!).


Sean O’Keeffe
Originally a music biz specialist designer/art director creating ground-breaking record covers and marketing stuff for seminal artists such as Goldie and the legendary Pete Tong, Sean is the driving force behind ID:10 – and he’s now a dab hand at tempering hard-core creativity with a hard-nosed business mindset that clients love.

Daniel Smallman
Want the big picture? Look no further than Daniel. He’s not just the guiding light for our own strategy – with a keen eye of his own for design and marketing, he positively thrives on putting his experience and insight to work for other businesses too. .

Gary Haslam
Gary epitomises our Global Reach/Local Touch ethos. In Gary, you’re getting big London agency Creative Director insight and experience without the pretention or price – and you’re in good company with the likes of Nokia, Waitrose, HSBC and Microsoft in enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Nick Booth
Like Gary’s, Nick’s CV is seriously impressive stuff – in fact it’d be daunting if he weren’t so approachable and accommodating. And like us, you’ll feel quite posh working with him in the company of Harvey Nichols, Aston Martin and Vogue (where he was Art Director at the tender age of 30).

Wayne Ansell
With one glance at Wayne’s CV we spotted a kindred spirit and were hooked. Combining a rare design flair with hard-nosed coding, development and database skills, Wayne has the experience and expertise to create sites that look amazing and work even better!

Cleo Higgins
The newest addition to the ID:10 team joins us fresh from her Ba Hons in Marketing Management at the University of Westminster – and we’re looking forward to lots of new perspectives on the traditional elements of the marketing process.