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[bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Type of website” value=”Simple;500;Great for small startup businesses. Basic but polished design and development.
Simple E-Commerce;650;Great for the enterprising small business. When a bit more detail is required from the design.
Advanced;750;Great for intermediate businesses. Design complexity and development features are much more advanced.
Advanced E-Commerce;850;Great for projects that require advanced features, mid-sized eCommerce systems, or top quality graphics
Booking System;750;Exceptional quality and very complex construction. Perfect for large companies and anyone with a thirst for cutting edge development. .” images=”4486,4479,4482,4474,4480″ img_height=”50″][bt_cc_item type=”switch” name=”Editable by you” value=”0;2″]

Extra Services

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Do you need any of the following:

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